How did this idea get started?

My Germs Personalized Bottle Tabs have a story that is common around the world and we think you will agree this is a much needed and exciting product.
Here’s why they were created.  Inventor / Entrepreneur, Victor Rey and his family drink bottled water and other drinks at home on a daily basis.  The problem was, drinks were not getting finished before a new bottle was opened which, was evident by the number of semi-full bottles just sitting around the house on any given day!
These bottles were in the living room, dining room, on counter tops, desks, next to beds, in the garage, by the pool and even in the bathroom!
He tried getting everyone to write their names on the bottles and caps as well as removing labels. This did not work at all!
Even after addressing the problem on several occasions, it persisted.  Tired of seeing the waste and picking up after other people who were choosing not to be responsible for their drinks he decided to create something that gave each person a sense of ownership for their bottled drinks and did something about it.
Family or not, nobody should drink after one another.  Sharing germs can be bring uncomfortable and even deadly consequences and knowing this caused hundreds of drinks (that all cost money) to be poured out.  Every ounce poured down the drain is wasted time and money!
My Germs, Personalized Bottle Tabs solves this problem and much more.  Tell us your story on FB!