My Germs Tabs Are The Best Party Favor Ever! No More Bad Parties!

There’s a reoccuring problem that has existed since the first party in the usa or gathering was ever thrown! This problem has taken people from feeling grossed out or grumpy , to taking it much further than that! The truth be told, people have actually ended up in the hospital! Now, this can all be avoided, your party just may last longer, people will be talking, texting and raving about your party and you can even create a drinking game using My Germs.
This game may last all night, is tremendous fun and doesn’t necessarily end up with people getting drunk, although it could because you will definitely have more bottle drinks left over!

Aspects of the game:

• You could become a party animal
• You may be forced to sign party songs or party rock
• You may be told to play party music with your bottled drink
• You could just become the life of the party too!
• You may be punished in fun ways or who knows what?

Before you can do anything you have to try My Germs and learn more about them!