Why the name My Germs?

When we invented the only personalized bottle tab that allows anyone to can keep tabs on their bottles, we were presented with a unique challenge to come up with a name that would get people’s attention.   We also needed a website that would fit on the back of the personalized tab so our website would be easy to read.
For example; MyBottleMarkers.com  just wouldn’t fit and isn’t catchy.
The My Germs Bottle Tab Is Only An Inch Wide, so the Name Had To Be Short!


 If you turn your MyGerms Tab over, you will see our domain name and if you have one of the first 1000 prototypes,  you will see MyGermz.com instead.
The problem for us with using MyGermz was that it presented the much bigger problem of having to educate everyone that the last letter in our url was a “Z” instead of an “S” as it’s really spelled.  Educating people on something that’s not spelled correctly can be a very costly venture and lowers your success rate.  When we searched for MyGerms.com, we found someone had already registered MyGerms.com and they wanted thousands of dollars for it!
Our media expert Jason Abarca,  suggested My Germs.com because the tab has a person’s name on it an in essence it says, “My germs are inside!”  Swapping germs with other people really isn’t a good idea and in some cases it can literally kill you!
To reduce our upfront investment risk, we went with MyGermz.com, but it was only about a month before we made the leap and bought MyGerms.com because of the amount of positive response we received!
Thanks to everyone for the incredible out-pour of support.
As we brainstormed over the name, it was clear that  MyGerms was a perfect fit because of how it could be used in marketing.  Here’s just a few examples.
“You may not realize it now, but after I tell you about My Germs, we think you ‘ll agree that:
You need my germs
You want My Germs
You will want to give my germs to your friends, family, friends, kids and just about everyone!
You will want to share my germs with your co-workers
MyGerms can save lives, money and the planet.
And on an on it goes…….